Tiffani and Randy met during rounds at the hospital where they worked, working together for almost two years before they found themselves always sitting next to each other. Tiffani asked for this number to “work more efficiently,” but really she just wanted to get close to this cute guy. They started talking more. She laughed at his jokes and her sass made him chuckle. Eventually, talking turned into flirting. At first, she apologized for flirting, just in case he was seeing someone. When he said he wasn’t, he admitted that he had an eye for her in the past, but she was attached. Their love story blossomed, and they became partners and best friends.

Hair & MUA: Wildflower Bride
Officiant: Sara Jourdan
Flowers: The Enchanted Florist & Whatnots
Gown: Oberon by Pronovias

The bride and groom did an ancient knot-tying ceremony. It made for an interesting and unique wedding ceremony.

The couple danced to “their song” right after the ceremony! It was sweet and special.

From the bride:

“Then: He was a sweet guy and I was out of a relationship and I wanted to start getting back on my feet and flirt with someone. I always thought he was kinda cute but was concerned he was too straight-laced for me. But there was something there because he would have random sarcastic remarks and cute little laughs after sarcastic comments at rounds which I liked.

Now: He is not as straight-laced as I thought. He is funny, sarcastic, derpy (a word I learned from him as he would describe himself with this word), and highly intelligent. He is a person that will wait on you hand and foot, dote on you, and love you with all his heart. He can put me in my place when I need. I love that not everyone gets to see the sarcastic, put me in my place side. I love and dislike (eye-roll) his altruistic viewpoint of the world. I love that I can be myself with him and he takes me for who I am: my sassy, sarcastic, blunt ass self.”

From the groom:

“Then: We started out as coworkers, we had known each other for a couple of years and she had become one of my favorite coworkers, just because we got along so well. When we first met she was with someone so I never pursued her, though I always thought she was pretty and sweet and funny/sassy. I appreciated her bright personality, strong will and whip-sharp wits. She was originally going to leave to be with her now ex, and I remember the day when she told me the relationship fell through – I told her I was truly sorry that it didn’t work out, but selfishly I was glad she was going to keep her job because she was one of my favorite coworkers and it always brightened my day when I saw her. (this is Tiffani – I was wondering if this was a flirt) Months went by and we continued as work friends, and then it slowly morphed into something more.

Now: All of the things I first appreciated about her are still there! She’s also an excellent communicator and incredibly patient for someone who says she has no patience. I appreciate that she helps to balance me out and keep me on track so I don’t get too absent-minded professor. She’s even sweeter when nobody is looking (shh don’t tell her I said that, she says it’s a secret) and she’s always thinking about me/us.”

What challenges have they had to overcome?

“In the beginning, I could see when he would say things are fine/okay that there was more on his mind but he was unsure how to express or if he should express. He feels he grew up in a “yes sir/ma’am” house. And I would tell him no, ugly/good/bad I want to know – we are a “we” and I’m willing and want to hear you out. Communicate with me and tell the truth. He does now (sometimes to my chagrin)!”

I love the modern, elegant bouquet with this structured, modern gown.

This big fluffy braid is everything!!!

Why Yosemite?

“We were originally planning Lake Tahoe – partly because it’s beautiful and outdoorsy, and partly because we were considering moving there, and partly because it’s partway between California and Texas. We ended up going to Yosemite because it’s not too far and is very beautiful, and Randahl has a long history with Yosemite – he used to go every summer to camp growing up, and 2 years ago he came back and thru-hiked the John Muir Trail. After our wedding, we’re going to go backpacking as the first part of our honeymoon.”