Robbie and Richard were introduced by their kids! His daughter Ashley and her son Dylan had been dating for six years, and as time went by, their families started to merge. At Ashley’s 21st birthday dinner, he started talking to Robbie, and he liked what he saw. At first, he was all about her gorgeous legs. But as they got to know each other, he fell for her selflessness and devotion to their family. Robbie fell for his good-natured attitude and kind heart.

The first few weeks of their relationship were hidden from their kids because they were nervous about how they would respond.  During that period, they had some close calls of getting caught communicating, either by phone, text or most likely, FaceTime.  They were like a couple of high-schoolers sneaking around! Ashley became suspicious and went into detective mode, and it didn’t take her long to confront the new lovebirds. The kids’ saw how happy they made each other, so of course they were supportive and thrilled for them.

Several months later, Richard brought Robbie to Yosemite and popped the question on a pathway at Swinging Bridge. Of course they returned to exchange vows in a meadow with the sun at their backs. The journey is only beginning.

Flowers – The Enchanted Florist & Whatnots
Officiant – Sara Hohman