When Jack met Toni, he told everyone they were friends. Any time he had plans with her, he told his friends and family he was going out with a friend. They even traveled internationally together, under the pretense they were just friends. His friends and family finally figured out that this gorgeous woman was his girlfriend! Their relationship was founded on friendship, then blossomed into their happily-ever-after.

They came all the way from Australia to get married in Yosemite National Park, a destination that’s been on their Bucket List for a while. They are kookie, silly, and so fun to hang out with. It was the perfect day for them: adventurous, laid-back, and gorgeous.

Bridal gown by Madison James
Makeup by Ashley Larayne Beauty
Flowers by Events22

What Jack said about Toni: “It was Toni’s smile and willingness to learn, always putting herself forward to gain more knowledge in a professional setting. I quickly understood after our first date that her qualities continued to show and exceed my expectations with every second I spent with her. Her loving personality, her nurturing nature and her willingness to give is what drew me to her and drew me to this day where I will marry her.”

It’s not what it looks like!!! Jack made the mistake of tying the rings with twine, which they couldn’t get undone.

What Toni said about Jack: “It was Jack’s cheeky grin and aura that first caught my eye. I love how kind, caring and compassionate Jack is. He always has my back and would do anything for me. I love the life that we have created together so far.”

They bring this little fellow with them on EVERY trip, and have collected photos with him all around the world. This is my version! Can you hear the Lion King music now…