Joanna and Jose went to the same high school, but didn’t know each other. A few years after graduation, they started chatting on social media, and Jose gathered the courage to ask her out to a movie. They are a quiet couple who lights up in each other’s presence.

The first thing that attracted Joanna to Jose was his smile, and that smile still warms her heart every day. She said, “I love how great of a person he is, how he thinks of others and puts family first. He’s an amazing, loyal, hard working and caring man. He gets me and knows me so well, like a best friend.”

Similarly, the first thing that attracted Jose to Joanna was her smile. I have to agree, her smile is stunning, bright, and joyful. From their first date, he constantly tried to make her laugh so he could see it. He said, “What I love most about her now is how she treats me with love and affection. She’s just so kind. Her personality is what made me want to marry her. She’s like no other! She’s the one I’d been waiting for.”

Flowers by Events22
Hair & MUA by M.U.A.H. by Summer Bridal Team

Joanna and Jose asked permission to have their beloved fur baby at their ceremony, and the permit office was kind enough to allow it!