At every wedding, we ask the same question: How did you know she/he was the one? Chanda and Nate had the best answers I’ve ever heard.

What Nate said:
She brought out the good in him, but it was much bigger than that. He talked about how there was this whole other person inside him that he didn’t know existed, a whole other good, wonderful person. Chanda brought that part of his personality out, and he was amazed. He never knew he could be the man he’s become, and it’s all due of her.

What Chanda said:
They were on a road trip headed home to Southern California, and Baby Got Back came on the radio. Nate sang along and knew every single word. That’s when she decided she was going to marry him.

I know. Just wait, the day got funnier.

I don’t even know where to start in explaining the awesomeness of this wedding. The Lair of the Golden Bear at Camp Blue in Pinecrest is owned and operated by UC Berkeley, and it’s SUPER cool. With tent cabins, a club house, dining room, swimming pool, game tables and more, it’s a fun camp for adults! Rather than rushing through a wedding, Chanda and Nate elected to have a four-day retreat with their family and friends, and everyone had a fantastic time. It’s the perfect location for a mountain destination wedding.

Chanda and Nate got ready in their tent cabins where they were staying for the retreat. I loved taking photos with the tents because it really gives a sense of time and place.

Chanda’s mom put all the jewelry on for her, which is very traditional at Indian weddings.

Chanda wore traditional Indian garb for their First Look photos and the ceremony. It belongs to her aunt, who wore it in her wedding years ago. To celebrate his Scottish heritage, Nate wore his father’s Kilt. It made for a very unique, blended, cultural wedding.

Every person in attendance is very close to the couple, which shows what amazing people Chanda and Nate are. It’s rare for someone to have that many CLOSE friends. So many people love and support them, there’s no doubt they’re going to have a long, happy life together. We felt incredibly welcome at this warm, friendly wedding. It was one of the best experiences we’ve had.

The vows were a roller coaster of emotions, alternating between laughter and tears. Chanda told a great story during her vows. When she and Nate first started hanging out, he came to her place to have dinner with her and her roommates, and he asked what he could bring. Chanda told him to bring a “simple salad.” Nate doesn’t do anything simple, so he brought an elaborate salad as his contribution to the pot luck meal. He had to make the fancy duck fat dressing, so he mixed it up, put it in the microwave, and BAM!!!! It exploded all over their kitchen! She and her roommates couldn’t stop laughing. What a great story to tell their grandchildren when they’re eighty.

While Chanda was changing her outfit, Mark saw this little guy stealing the paper flowers for his house, and he got a few shots. So cute!

Brides always stress about where they’re going to get ready if they’re going to be in a campground. Chanda had some amazing friends who helped with her hair and makeup, and they did it all in the shared campground bathrooms. They were roomy and clean, with plenty of light.

We did some fun pictures showing how cute Chanda and Nate’s parents are. Both sets of parents are adorable and totally in love.

And then the groom did a jig with his dad!

I loved this guestbook idea! Chanda put blank note cards and a few Polaroid cameras on a table and had a guest help people make personalized cards with messages. These are perfect to put in a scrapbook as a special keepsake from the wedding, especially since the couple is so close to each and every guest.

Chanda hand-made all the paper flowers that were decorating the tables at the reception. They were incredibly beautiful, delicate, and colorful.

Nate’s mom sang an old Scottish song to the newlyweds! It was incredibly sweet.