The Bull Valley Roadhouse in Port Costa, California is a hidden gem of the wedding world. Nestled in the hills north of San Francisco, their rustic, warm venue is perfect for a small, laid-back wedding or elopement.  The ceremony space is a small porch lined with cut wood and framed with a large rope knot.  Emily and Tom had the alter decorated with eucalyptus and butterflies, and a close friend was their officiant.  It definitely had a boho vibe, especially when their performer sang and played guitar and harmonica for their guests pre-ceremony.

The decor at this wedding venue is absolutely unique and rustic.  Port Costa was once a rough biker port town, part of the Transcontinental Railroad.  Now it’s a sleepy little one-block town with interesting bars, the historic Burlington Hotel, and quaint antique shops.  It’s seriously tiny, as in, don’t blink or you’ll miss it.  There is a ton of photo opportunity with the interesting shapes and colors, secret gardens, and quirky shops of Port Costa.

The bride and groom originally planned on having their wedding at a larger venue in Berkeley, but when the guest list kept growing and the planning got more and more complicated, they decided to scratch that plan and start over.  They are very laid-back, family-oriented people, and the small brunch wedding at Bull Valley Roadhouse was a much better fit.

We had a lot of fun working with Emily and Tom because not only are they awesome people in general, but their families and friends were also wonderful.  We felt right at home in a room full of kindness and generosity.  We’d like to thank everyone who invited us into this special day.

Venue: The Bull Valley Roadhouse
Flowers: Florali
Dress: Flares bridal+formal
Men’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse
Cake: Alpine Pastry & Cakes, California
Hair & MUA: Salon Piccolina

spring bridal bouquet

The bride’s bouquet from Florali in Walnut Creek is my current fave of all time. I’ve been dying to photograph a boho style arrangement with anemone. I love all the textures and the colors are perfect for spring.

Bull Valley Roadhouse in Port Costa, California is the most unique wedding venue I’ve photographed. I love their decor. Gourdes hang above the bride while she gets ready. So different.

Wedding performer Bull Valley Roadhouse

The bride and groom hired an indie artist to perform for their guests. He sang, as well as playing the guitar and harmonica.

Bull valley roadhouse wedding ceremony

A friend of the bride and groom was their officient. He told sweet and funny stories about their relationship, which made their ceremony really special.

Groom at Bull Valley Roadhouse

The groom couldn’t stop crying after the ceremony.

Groom at Bull Valley Roadhouse

Then the groom’s fifteen-year-old daughter came walking through the door, and he really started crying. It was the first time he saw her looking like a woman. It was so sweet and we all couldn’t stop laughing!

Wedding cake at Bull Valley Roadhouse

This cake by Alpine Pastry & Cakes in Concord is classic and timeless. The white buttercream and spring roses are fresh and still modern.

The table settings at Bull Valley Roadhouse were elegant and charming, with beautiful stemware, silverware, and dishes.

Reception at Bull Valley Roadhouse

The long barn tables gave the reception a homey, family-style feel, which is what the bride and groom were going for.

Bride and groom champagne glasses

All of the details at this wedding were gorgeous, elegant, and timeless.

Pink Betsy Johnson wedding shoes

Bull Valley Roadhouse is full of cool antiques that were beautiful and in great condition, but I loved this old, broken chair best, because it was such a contrast to the bride’s pink, velvet, Betsy Johnson heels.

pink velvet Betsy Johnson heels

Wedding food at Bull Valley Roadhouse

The meal at the reception was served family style, and it was fully gourmet soul food: fried chicken, greens, buttermilk biscuits, and more!

Bull Valley Roadhouse wedding reception

The reception space at Bull Valley Roadhouse is small, but homey and full of light. It fit the bride and groom’s personalities perfectly. They wanted a rustic, laid-back wedding venue, and this place is it!


Bridesmaids at Bull Valley Roadhouse

The bridesmaid dresses being different and more casual gave this boho wedding a laid-back feel.

Bull Valley Roadhouse ceremony venue

Bull Valley Roadhouse has a quaint little ceremony spot on a deck. They decorated it with natural eucalyptus branches and a big rope knot, which represents tying the knot.

Groomsmen with a polar bear

Then we took wedding with a polar bear!

Bride's bouquet at Bull Valley Roadhouse

Bull Valley Roadhouse has amazing, unique decor, such as this wall of antique black and white portraits. I decided to incorporate the old with the new by taking a photo of the bride’s bouquet in front of it.

Port Costa used to be a rough place, lined with biker bars. I had to incorporate that history into the wedding photos.

Hotel Burlington wedding

Next door is the Burlington Hotel, a historic site in Port Costa. I loved the Victorian architecture because that’s so typical of the San Francisco bay area.

Bride with tattoo

The bride’s tattooed feet looked adorable in her Betsy Johnson heels.

Tilt shift photo of bride

Bride with tattoos

I loved the bride’s vibrant, blue tattoos against the blue paint of the hotel.

spring wedding bouquet

Bride and groom in Port Costa garden

A really nice lady let us take photos inside her private garden!

Bride with tattoos