These two crazy kids ran off to elope without telling a soul, and it was incredible! It was a real, old-fashioned elopement, complete with lies and everything. I love being part of a secret scheme!

Jamie and Brent told their friends and family they were taking a just-because Thanksgiving trip to Chicago, complete with false flight times and stories. No one questioned it because they love to travel, frequently taking long weekends and holidays to visit different parts of the US. Yosemite is an annual visiting-place, and is special to them, so it was a perfect place to officially start their lives together.

When they met, they were both ready to settle down and get married. They were both looking for “The One.” Brent was first attracted to Jamie because he could tell she is a good person. I concur. She’s a special education teacher for kindergarten through third grade, a very challenging career choice. She’s definitely a person who gives all she’s got to help others. Jamie loves how sensitive and caring Brent is. They laugh and have fun together, and are excited to start this new adventure of forever.

We started at Valley View because it’s Brent’s favorite spot in the park. It’s a gorgeous spot, with great views of El Capitan, the Three Brothers, and Bridal Veil Fall. We caught the last bit of autumn in these yellow leaves.

I love that Jamie chose to wear a simple black dress with a crochet burgundy shawl for texture. It was unique and helped keep her warm.

The bride was all bundled up under her dress, with thermals, stretch pants, socks, and boots.

This bouquet by Events22 is the perfect amount of wild. She used these super cool double dahlia flowers that I’ve never seen before.

I took a Polaroid of the image below so the couple could use it to announce their elopement. Super cute! Their families and friends are thrilled for them!

We were quite surprised that the road to Glacier Point was open. The higher we climbed, the more misty it was. We ended up in the clouds.

Jamie and Brent decided to have a courthouse civil ceremony back home, then exchanged rings and vows up at Glacier Point in Yosemite. We found this secluded spot with a fabulous view of Half Dome for their ceremony.

The mist kept rolling in and Half Dome was disappearing. It was magical.

I was too far away to hear what they were saying in their vows, but I heard words like, “best friend,” and “our future.” I’m glad I couldn’t hear more, because I would’ve cried too.