Boudoir FAQ

Boudoir FAQ

Q: I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m SUPER nervous! How could these photos possibly turn out well?
I’ll be honest with you… I did a boudoir session two years ago, and I was TERRIFIED! However, I chose a photographer that I trust and we planned the session together, and that helped a lot.  I’ve been told by all my boudoir clients that even though they were very nervous when we started, they became very comfortable once the shoot got rolling. I make the session as fun as possible, including your fave playlist on Pandora!

Q: Who will be photographing me?
Only I, Dawn will photograph you, and I typically have my female assistant, Lindsey on set. Privacy and modesty are very important to me, and I like to give that to my clients. Also, there are no men on set, EVER. We even use female makeup artists and hair stylists.

Q: Do you do nudes?
Yes, I do, upon request. There is nothing like a true artistic nude on black and white film. In your consultation I will ask you what type of photos you’d like to do, nudes included. But I will never try to force you to do a nude. If during the shoot, you decide to, or decide not to, that is all your decision.

Q: Do I really have to wear little lingerie, or do I have to pose topless or nude?
No. You can wear as much or as little as you like. A woman doesn’t have to be undressed to be sexy. I do a very wide range of boudoir styles, from pinup to nude. Great alternatives for shy clients are: slinky cocktail dress, vintage apron, your man’s favorite jersey or button-up shirt, booty shorts, and many other modest, sexy outfits.

Q: How many outfits do I get to wear?
I usually request three outfits, but occasionally I’ll shoot more, especially if a clothing line provides us outfits. This means that you’ll need four outfits you love, which I will help you decide on the day of the shoot.

Q: I'm a curvy, plus-size girl. Where can I find sexy lingerie?
My favorite place for gorgeous, sexy lingerie is Hips & Curves online. They have a very wide array of options, ranging from naughty to modest.

Q: Who will see my photos?
I do shoot film, so the printer at my photo lab sees them. She is a very professional, seasoned photographer and film processor, so I trust her to see these intimate photos. They go from her hands to mine. If you don’t want any photos posted online, that’s totally fine. What I post is up to you, but I never post nude or topless photos to the web. Those images remain private.

Q: Will you retouch my photos?
I do very light retouching. “Light retouching” means balancing light and contrast, cropping, and occasionally smoothing skin. I also do some minor fixes. By “fixes” I mean, removing slight bumps, lines, or even little bulges that may appear due to certain poses or lingerie.  I rarely have to retouch anything because I know how to best flatter you with wardrobe, posing, and lighting.  I want you to look like YOU, at your best.

Q: Do you do Dudoir, photos of men?

Q: Do you have props and wardrobe I can use?
The props I use are brought by my clients, such as favorite books, cowboy hats, video game controllers, etc.  I will help you plan what you're going to wear.  I do have some wardrobe pieces, such as really sexy bodysuits and corsets.  You'll have to shop for the majority of your wardrobe, which is the super fun part!  

Q: Will I get hair and makeup with the shoot?

I have a FANTASTIC stylist that does hair and makeup. If you’d like hair and makeup, it’s an additional charge.