1. Black & White Bridal Portrait
  2. Glacier Point Yosemite wedding portrait
  3. Black and white photo of groom smoking cigar
  4. Double exposure of bride on the ocean at San Francisco
  5. B&W picture of bride and groom at Mettler Winery
  6. Yosemite Valley elopement portrait
  7. Dog as flower girl
  8. Bride with vintage police car
  9. Portrait of bride groom at First Presbyterian Church
  10. Double exposure wedding photo
  11. Black and white photo of bride and groom
  12. Bride with tattoos at Hotel Burlington Port Costa
  13. Bourbon Barrel Sonora Wedding Pictures
  14. Polaroid picture of bride and groom in Yosemite Valley
  15. Unique bridal portrait at Pageo Lavender Farm
  16. Bride at Whitmore Mansion in Ceres
  17. Sonora wedding picture
  18. Elopement photos in Yosemite Valley
  19. Candid photo of bride and her father
  20. Mature bride and groom in Sonora, California
  21. 0tbs5esxlli
  22. Bride groom walking Modesto backyard wedding
  23. Funny picture of groom with groomsmen
  24. Bridal bouquet at Bull Valley Roadhouse
  25. Lodi wedding candid picture
  26. Oakdale wedding double exposure
  27. Black and white detail photo of wedding dress
  28. NIght portraits olive grove Leal Vineyards
  29. Vintage Gardens Hair Stylist
  30. Fall Elopements in Yosemite National Park
  31. Portrait of groom at Whitmore Mansion
  32. Bride groom posing with English Bulldog bridal party
  33. Black and white pic bride groom Turlock
  34. Bride bridesmaids at Pageo Lavender Farm in Turlock
  35. Fine art portrait bride Vintage Gardens
  36. Yosemite Valley chapel wedding photo
  37. Black and white picture vintage wedding dress
  38. Bridesmaids laughing Modesto Wedding
  39. Groom getting ready at Sonora Opera Hall
  40. Bride with vintage car at Pageo Lavender Fields
  41. Vintage Gardens Bride
  42. Leal Vineyards Hollister Wedding Photographer
  43. Vintage Polaroid wedding picture of bride groom
  44. Vintage wedding album Ceres
  45. Cute Picture of ring bearer
  46. Groom at alter Mettler Family Vineyards
  47. Port Costa California Bridal Portrait
  48. wedding cake flowers Bull Valley Roadhouse
  49. Bride flower girl dancing
  50. zeuexrwydq1
  51. Mature bride and groom Sonora
  52. mg2awnkwki5
  53. Bride getting makeup done Angels Camp
  54. Cathedral Beach Yosemite Elopement Picture
  55. Dramatic black and white of bride at Leal Vineyards
  56. Bride and Groom Laughing in Yosemite
  57. qc4xwiln0oh
  58. Fun Picture of Bridesmaids Jumping
  59. Sonora Wedding pic
  60. Wedding Picture at First Presbyterian Church Turlock
  61. Bride Waiting Whitmore Mansion Ceres
  62. Bride groom Bull Valley Roadhouse
  63. Bride getting ready in Monterey
  64. h4jkqhbvszm
  65. Black and white portrait bride Vintage Gardens
  66. dlnmlhxpx11
  67. Cute ring bearer at Leal Vineyards
  68. Night Wedding Portrait Vintage Gardens Gazebo
  69. Vintage Gardens candid wedding photo
  70. Bride and groom portrait Leal Vineyards
  71. Bride and Groom in Monterey
  72. Polaroid 195 Camera prints
  73. j4j2l0wae32
  74. wkzyfz2ksxi
  75. yudlmvcd5fo
  76. lq1ikvt1isl
  77. Bride pinning boutonniere on groom
  78. 11ygd5ns31g
  79. qqqb2lusznt
  80. w1nz2ecugov
  81. Father walking daughter down aisle Pageo Lavender Farms
  82. Glacier Point Yosemite Elopement
  83. Reception dancing at Mettler Family Vineyards Lodi
  84. Autumn Oakdale Farm Wedding double exposure
  85. Wedding Cake photos The Century Downtown Modesto
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This gallery of wedding photos will transport you in time.  You'll go back to the funny moment in a ceremony when the flower girl put her basket on her head and wondered around the page.  You'll see a bride crying as she reads her vows to her groom.  You'll see love between family and friends, and the beginning of these couples' lives together.

My favorite time in the wedding day is being in the bridal suite, taking pictures as the bride gets ready.  It's a very intimate part of the day because it's the last few hours of her single life.  I've included several photos of brides getting ready, and my favorite one is from Whitmore Mansion in Ceres, California.  

The most majestic, beautiful place we photograph elopements is in Yosemite National Park.  I grew up right outside the park, so it was my back yard.  I'm very familiar with the layout and different ares, which makes me the perfect person to work there.  My favorite time of year to shoot in Yosemite is the autumn because of the fall leaves and beautiful light.

My goal is to be as different as possible, while creating art that our clients will cherish for a lifetime.  You can then pass down your wedding album through the generations so your children, grand children, and so on can continue to love them forever.  Wedding photography is meant to preserve memories and tell our future generations about who we were once, and where they came from.

I specialize in all types of film, and am known for my black and white work.  While I love taking unique portraits of brides and grooms, I really enjoy taking natural candid photos.  

If you're looking for the best photographer in Modesto, California Central Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Yosemite National Park, go through my gallery and see the quality of the photos and the love I put into them.