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Black and white portrait bride Vintage Gardens

Vintage Gardens in Modesto is a very elegant and classy wedding venue, and this was one elegant and classy bride.  Linda has a beautiful grace about her.  After we were done taking family formals, I asked her and the groom to walk down to the grass.  She was walking with her arms out like this, which reminded me of a ballerina.  

I love working at this ceremony and reception spot because of all the photo opportunity.  There are many places on the grass that are quite beautiful and easy to photograph in.  However, I always want to be different, so I use the little nooks and crannies, stick people between the trees along the fence.  

The back light in this black and white picture creates a very dramatic affect, which is what I was going for.  I really love how her veil drapes, and her lace and beaded dress is gorgeous and feminine.  She looked like a bridal magazine model, perfect in every way.  

Her personality is just as beautiful!  Their family and guests were also kind, wonderful people.  They truly believe that God should be in their marriage, and it's clear they will have a successful lifetime together.

They had an afternoon ceremony and a lovely buffet meal.  The food at this venue is always delicious and the staff is helpful and nice.  We highly recommend it.

Location: 4342 Dale Rd, Modesto, CA 95356.

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